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Mel: Danmark af Shu-Bi-Dua

Se Solen stiger op over Kolbøttefarmen
Og Citronmånen taber sit skær
Mens lægen taler om at vi er bedre værd
Vi har vores læger så kær!


From #twehab: I really, really want to become more than an amateur!

I promissed you a 24 hours of radio-silence, well that didn’t quite happen, but the level of tweeting was at a sustainable level.

So what exactly is the sweet spot, where tweeting isn’t an addiction, it turns out that Jyri Engeström of Jaiku-fame gave the answer during his Keynote Speech at Reboot 9 in 2007.

Jyri said that Microblogging (eg. tweeting) is a tool that you can use to discipline your writing/creativity, here’s Jyri’s three steps to how to become a more productive blogger:

1 microblogpost (Jaiku/Tweet/Whatever) an hour
1 photo a day (Flickr/23/Picassa/Whatever)
1 blogpost a week (Preferably from your own domain)

I’ve decided to try to follow Jyri’s “method” – again – I really, really want to become more than an amateur!

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ps. Since I received my Kindle I’ve begun reading again, this, too, is an old resolve of mine. Now where do I get hold of some of Kierkegaard’s writings in a format that my Kindle will serve me ;-)?

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From #twehab: Day Three: Hvordan synes du selv det går? Time To Go Cold Twurkey!

Still happy about my twitter selfhelp tool that Rasmus wrote, but hvordan synes jeg så selv det går? If the aim was to cut down on my tweeting, it’s not going well, the habit is under control, and I’m not just, mindlessly sharing, RTing etc. like I did on Saturday.

I’ve been focusing my tweeting, today the topics were #spc09 the SharePoint Conference 09 in Las Vegas, and it was wonderful to latch on the energy of that hastag, and #Kindle since I have one sitting right next to me right now.

Today will be different, there WILL be a 24 hour radiosilence starting no…ahem soon ;-), see you on the other side.

Kim “Cold Twurkey” Bach

Blogs Kim Blog (English)

From #twehab: Hi! My name Is Kim “Twinehouse” Bach and I’m out of #twehab

There’s too much going on on twitter for me stop engaging in the conversation, I recommend that you unfollow me if you’re on a low bandwidth device, you can befriend me on Facebook instead.

Yeah I grabbed the cool URL!

Kind regards

Kim “Twinehouse” Bach

ps. My Amazon Kindle is waiting for me at the DHL Warehouse, it arrived yesterday, but it’s one expensive little number, an extra $150 in customs. OUCH!