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From #twehab: Hi! My name Is Kim “Twinehouse” Bach and I’m out of #twehab

There’s too much going on on twitter for me stop engaging in the conversation, I recommend that you unfollow me if you’re on a low bandwidth device, you can befriend me on Facebook instead.

Yeah I grabbed the cool URL!

Kind regards

Kim “Twinehouse” Bach

ps. My Amazon Kindle is waiting for me at the DHL Warehouse, it arrived yesterday, but it’s one expensive little number, an extra $150 in customs. OUCH!

8 replies on “From #twehab: Hi! My name Is Kim “Twinehouse” Bach and I’m out of #twehab”

Ja jeg har lige modtaget den, den er ved at lade op, virkelig interessant at pakke en dims ud, der er slukket, men viser et skærmbillede der ligner noget der er tapet fast transparent, pokkers at jeg missede den chance for at lave en #drunkboxing video 🙂

Må man sige, og jeg sidder netop nu med min Kindle i hånden, check også mine tweets hashtagged #Kindle for at følge mine reaktioner

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