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(and that concludes my broadcast)

(and that concludes my broadcast)

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After exactly one year on twitter, I’m quitting, it’s been fun, but it’s time to pull the plug on my public twitter-stream.

The reason is that something very strange happened tonight, it was triggered by a search on the term “min konsultation” in my Gmail, the result was an old chatlog, which ended with me, finally, declaring my love for a woman, probably the first time ever, I even called her “my girlfriend”.

I’m perfectly sane, I’m staying on twitter, will follow you, but only communicate by DM, and I’ll follow-back so you can DM me, but it’s time to start living!


ps. care to join me here: Oversigter over skoler, fritidsklubber og lektiehjælpstilbud – my #odis proposal

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You might have noticed that my twitter-hiatus lasted no more than 2 days, it’s because I’ve decided to give up looking at women as potiential partners…For now 😉

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