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404 – common sense not found

404 - common sense not found by Kim Bach

Number-sign from the street Gl. Køge Landevej number 404, part of a project proposed by Søren Johannessen of, to take a picture of all number-signs of a road for the official Internet error-codes 200-599 (Wikipedia: List of HTTP status codes).

I got all fired up by Søren’s geekish proposal, so when he suggested streets for me to hit, I went for it, and had not expected to run into any problems…I was wrong!

The first problem I ran into, is that there are huge gaps in the street numbers, meaning for instance, that Gl. Køge Landevej has a gap from number 198 to 220.

The second, and much more severe, problem I ran into was that, people on the street thought that it looked suspicious, and I guess I could have been more discrete, I already felt in my stomach that it was a wrong thing to do, before I was approached by two men that asked me what I was up to, and that their neighbourg had actually called the police.

I had a friendly talk with the people, and explained them exactly what I was doing. They felt that it was illegal, and that I should have asked every single household for a permission.

I think this highlights the problem geeks like me have, understanding that the world is not perfect, that people mistrust each other and the naivety I showed in undertaking this, I was just being a kid playing with “LEGO”, meaning no harm, but totally lacking common sense.

I will abandon this project, but as you can see, I snapped the number 404, the Internet error code for “not found” (Wikipedia: HTTP 404) I might pursue finding as many as possible of the 404 numbers, I think I can do that discretely.

According to Søren there’s a total of 133 streets with the number 404 in Denmark, 1 down, 132 to go 🙂

4 replies on “404 – common sense not found”

Alle numre fra een meget lang vej er et ret ambitiøst og meget ærefuldt mål, eller er det bare helt skørt?
Er det forresten ikke sjovest med flotte hus-numre fra alle mulige gader og stræder?
Held og lykke med det i hvert fald! =)

Ps. Det er synd, at du kom i vanskeligheder =(
Folk er nogle fjolser!

@You Know Me =) Det er, naturligvis, ret skørt, men en af den slags ideer Søren fra kommer på, og jeg lader mig ofte rive med, som det skete her. Vi samler begge på “404”

Efter dette udviklede det sig til Vejbanko

Sørens projekter involverer kort, og ofte foto, måske du kan finde inspiration hos ham.

Det med “flotte” husnumre er en god idé!

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