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Happy tenth blogaversary – Going pro? #blogdk #enAFos #natkirke #wikimedia #naursARK

Stay while I recount the crazy TF2 kill I managed yesterday, my friends.
Today, the 15th of February 2014, marks the tenth year of me being a blogger. Technically I’ve had an Internet presence since 1999, but it’s the moment when I started using the service “blogger”, I count as the beginning of my “career” as a blogger.

My first real blogpost was a short “review” of the KRAFTWERK! concert in K.B. Hallen in 2004, which was fantastic:

Mass for the deities of techno

KRAFTWERK! – much better than expected – revelation that they’re such a live act – the bass made the doors flap. Bow to the funky devils aus Deutschland. Seems that I miss my techno

For more background, please visit my article from 2009 “Happy fifth blogoversary – I brought the noise

I’m still pretty satisfied with my blog, and it’s still a locker of fragments.

Five years ago I noticed that the topic of the blog was changing from dealing with politics regarding information and communication technologies to the “somewhat” fuzzier topic of me.

So what have I been up to for the last five years? One thing that has changed is that I now use social media platforms like Facebook to share information, in the old days I would have written an article instead, as a result the blog has suffered.

I did manage to produce some content, and I think this article from march 2009 illustrates my new focus and feminism:

My Ada Lovelace Day entry 2009: Forget this world and all its troubles and if possible its multitudinous Charlatans… – Celebrating women in tech

Meeting my personal goals?

In the colophon I’ve summarised my personal goals:


Better at writing – so I can write a novel or maybe become a journalist

Better at reading – so I can have the patience to read Kierkegaard

Better at photography – so I dare to publish a photography book

Better at teaching – so I can help the kids in Mjølnerparken and elsewhere even more

To sum up: I work towards being able to make a living doing some, or all, of these things.


This was how I reflected five years ago:

Since 2004 I’ve actually worked professionally as a teacher, and the only field I haven’t made progress in, is reading, so that will be a focus point in the future. I think some of my articles shows some journalistic merit, but I doubt that I’ll ever be able to make a living from it. I think I’ve become a better photographer, again I’m probably not going to be able to make a living from photography.

During the last five years I have worked professionally as a tutor and a speaker, reading is still hard for me, but the emergence of eBooks has helped me a little, but I’m not satisfied with my progress, and it didn’t help that I suffered severe cognitive problems due to my mental disorder. I’m slowly recovering from that but still not reading much Kierkegaard. I still love photography, check out my profile on Flickr.


The most important events in the last five years was that I was hospitalised several times, lost a job, lost a contract, but the most important event was that I finally got help from the authorites and that I started working as a volunteer for the EN AF OS (ONE OF US) campaign. The campaign has as it’s goal to stamp out Silence, Doubt and Taboo (Tavshed, Tvivl og Tabu) about mental illness.

Working with EN AF OS has provided me with a wonderful network of the most amazing people and I’ve had the privilege of addressing audiences from psychiatric wards, users of psychiatry, employees in local psychiatry, administrative personnel in the danish regions and administrative personnel in housing complexes. I’ve also attended Folkemødet on the island of Bornholm.

Region Hovedstaden – – read about us, and watch a video featuring the ambassadors

I’m just a weeny tiny bit in love with lifeAmbassador for the EN AF OS campaign

Trinitatis Natkirke

I’ve begun frequenting Folkekirken (The People’s Church of Denmark), especially Trinitatis Kirke and their music services, that are held every tuesday at 8pm, Trinitatis Natkirke, I’ve even changed my affiliation to Trinitatis Kirke.


In 2012 I joined the board of the Danish chapter of Wikimedia as first auxillary, the association that is responsible for maintaining the Danish version of Wikipedia it’s a wonderful group of people, and I had the privilege of attending the FSCons 2012 conference in Göteborg (Gothenburg) as a representative of Danish Wikimedia, where we met members of the other nordic chapters. That was wonderful.


I’m still helping the inner city kids with their homework and I worked as a private tutor for a brief period. I can celebrate my tenth anniversary as a volunteer tutor next month, stay tuned for an article on that occasion. This is our website Sprog og Lektier, you’re welcome to join us, we’re always on the look for volunteers.


This wonderful video captures the spirit of reboot11, and frankly it gives me the chills, this is what reboot is all about, BIG UP!

I’m looking SO much forward to the reboot11 reunion tonight (that was november 13th 2009, a seminal “date” of my life)!


Going pro?

The last five years seems to be pointing in a direction that leads me away from my chosen field of information and communications technology, and into education and the human sciences, doing what I love the most <3.

One thing is certain, the next five years are shaping up to be very exiting indeed.

One more thing

Finally I think my writing is improving, and I can now reveal that I’m working on a fiction book project under the working title #naursARK, the topic will be “language” and Naur is referring to a hero of mine, one of the founders of the field of computer science Peter Naur.

The book is scheduled to be finished during 2014.

-+-- -+--) <3
-+– -+–) <3
Kim Bach

The image that accompanies this article is from the wonderful comic XKCD, by Randall Munroe. Please support XKCD by buying merchandise from it’s website.

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