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Review: The Science of Sleep – Michel Gondry, le mec est genial!

Yesterday I went to see the movie The Science of Sleep, directed and written by Michel Gondry, the fantastic French director, and my expectations were quite elevated!

For those who’ve never heard of Michel Gondry, just dig in your memory for the GREATEST music videos EVER made, and the top 10 will be dominated by his works.

He is best know for his works with Björk, Chemical Brothers, Foo Fighters, Kylie Minouge(!) and of course: The White Stripes.

Just one comment to the movie: “MICHEL GONDRY VOUS ETES GENIAL”. This is the greatest movie of creative vision since Brazil, I simply love it. It’s such a tribute to the creative mind and life in general – and I ended up with a tear in my eye because of the beautiful ending, that was a dream or was it?

I will go see it again and again and can’t wait until it is released on DVD.

It also made me realise how much I miss Paris, the scene where they’re dumping a TV in Canal St. Martin, my favorite spot on the planet, is priceless, and I also miss the love of my life (so far)! Now the tears are turning into a river! Quote: Once a woman has decided to dump you, she CAN’T change her mind! Unquote. I NEED TO GET OVER HER, and HER as well! Isis where are you?

10 stars out of 6 possible!

BTW! I’m in love – should I go seek out my love consultant, or maybe hire a new one (I already know who that should be!)?

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