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Getting hyped up after being in serious Mac nerd mode

I’m having some success in terms of business, right now, but Thursday I got carried away and went into serious nerd mode, after visiting a potential client that had a sweet Mac set-up, an entire professional sound studio.

I connected my PowerBook to the network, and minutes later I was streaming my newly purchased Clotaire K album over iTunes to the studio monitors.

It’s so great to meet other dedicated Mac users, it’s more like a brotherhood.

I really want to go out and get my self a MIDI keyboard now.

The interesting thing was that I was lugging my Mac mini with me, wanting to suggest that my customer get one to use as a file server, I had no idea that they already had two Macs.

This customer is ripe for switching. The Macs are used in the music studios, but all the other pcs they have are Windows based, a classical example of the popular belief that Macs are only good for creative work. My strategy will be to start switching them away from using Outlook.

After showing the studio guy Chicken of the VNC and the VNC support build into Mac OS X Tiger, he went out and activated it on their other Mac and lo and behold it showed up in Bonjour.

Activating the VNC server in Mac OS X is really, really simple:
Systempreferences/Sharing/Apple Remote Desktop. Choose “Accesscontorl” and “Allow VNC clients to control the screen”. Remember to protect the VNC server with a password, and to activate the users that should be allowed to use VNC.

I also showed him our macwiki development site, and he was quite impressed, I even updated the site with some information, for instance he pointed me to the Danish communities for sound professionals Lydmaskinen and, and the free iCal hosting service iCalX.

But so far I’ve gotten two paying customers that use Macs this year, not bad.

Unfortunately being in “Mac nerd mode” like that can have some serious side-effects on me, check the categories for this post for hints…

You can get carried away by the love for the platform, and it actually resulted in “some fallout” later that night. Luckily I took a “chill-pill” (too late maybe – I’m so sorry that I might have hurt someone in the process – but I feel that I’m in control of my life, unlike last year).

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Twenty five years of the IBM PC

IBM PCBBC NEWS | Technology | Twenty five years of the IBM PC

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the IBM PC. The PC, not only in the meaning of a “compatible”, has had a tremendous impact on the life of almost everybody in the developed world, and it’s now spreading to the rest of the world.

Personally I’ve been using IBM PCs and compatibles since December 1983, my father got one of the first IBM PCs that arrived in Denmark, and it has in many ways shaped my life.

The success of the PC is owed to an originally open hardware and software specification. When IBM tried to close the PC, realising what they had done, it was too late, the market had gained control of the standard.

When IBM designed the PC they made some remarkable decisions:

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Summer and new music – hip-hop and you don’t stop

Once in a while you have to pay your local record store (Musik Hjørnet in Taastrup BIG UP!) a visit, I did that yesterday, and left with a small record collection.

Since it’s summer for real in Denmark, and I’ve been in the mood for Dancehall – well almost since the “R*A*W” event in august 2004, but especially since “Bikstok Røgsystem” spilled “Over stok og sten” – and I’ve been listening to Internet radio stations like Baby Ace Radio and Batanga Reggaeton, for the last couple of days I asked the clerk for some Hispanic Dancehall (aka. Reggaeton).

Well the clerk obviously knew something about the subject, so he found a small collection, but I noticed that he included a DefJamacian record, he clearly was a fan of hip-hop.

A lot of the Dancehall records on the market are far too mainstream for my taste, so we began discussing hip-hop in general, and I asked for some more experimental stuff, like MF Doom and Dangerdoom, and it turned out that Doom and Danger were among his favourites too!

A couple of hours later I left with this collection:

  • Track 72 – Rockin’ “Dansk når det er bedst”
  • Madlid – Shades Of Blue “Doesn’t really sound like anything else”
  • Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique “Legendary but I only have a 12” and I “missed it””
  • Various – DefJamaican “Dancehall and big hip/hop stars”
  • Madlid – Blunted In The Bomb Shelter Mix by Madlib
  • Various – Dancehall Nice Again 2004 “Well had to have some”
  • Masta Ace – A Long Hot Summer “And I ordered a ticket for the Jam in Copenhagen”
  • Queen Latifah – All Hail The Queen “YOU SAID IT. I LOVE YOU LATIFAH”

Thanks mate! My nano is maxing out!

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Jeg har fået lektier for

Cirkelareal LektieI går var der et af børnene fra Mjølnerparken, en 8-klasses dreng, der gav mig lektier for, til på tirsdag.

Jeg skal finde arealet af det område der fremkommer når man tegner fire cirkler, (som vist på billedet). Hmm…Det er jo kun to af cirklerne der skærer hinanden…Hmm jeg nummerer cirklerne som I-IV følgende et standard koordinatsystems kvadranter. En oplysning er at cirkel I og III skærer hinanden ved cirkel IIIs 0 og 90 grader, og at cirkel II og IV skærer hinanden ved cirkel IIs 0 og 270 grader osv. Det er ikke helt tydeligt udfra tegningen.

Er der nogle der kan hjælpe?

Jeg mener det kan løses med geometri, trigonometri (det kender drengen faktisk, hvilket han demonstrerede, da jeg prøvede at løse en trigonometri opgave, med forholdstals regning) eller integral regning (det tror jeg ikke han kender).

Han spurgte mig også om hvad pH værdi er for noget. Jeg forsøgte noget med et mål for styrken af syrer og baser, men han sagde: “det er den negative logaritme af koncentrationen af brint-ioner” – den er da vist lige i skabet.

Interessant, det er paratviden og udenadslære, noget der faktisk ikke bliver så stor brug for i fremtiden, eller tager jeg helt fejl her?

Det er da nyttigt at kende grundbegreber, men detaljerede informationer, som f.eks. definitionen på pH værdien, kan man da bare slå op på Internettet?

Alt i alt var jeg imponeret over drengens viden, det virker som om han elsker/kan lide viden, og det er da relativt sjældent blandt de børn jeg kender.

Nå drengen mente at man kan få 13 hvis man kan sige ting som definitionen på pH værdien. Jeg nævnte så at jeg en gang var tæt på at få 13, nemlig mit 11 tal i Biologi fra Gymnasiet.

Tilsidst nævnte jeg at jeg var en mislykket ingeniør studerende…”Og nu er du lektiehjælper? Hvad gik galt?” “Tjoh…Jeg lavede ikke mine…LEKTIER!” Så kan de lære det ;-).

Nåeh hvis det mislykkes med geometri opgaven, så kan jeg da i det mindste fortælle ham hvad jeg har fundet ud af om HTX.

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Macspot: Mine!!!A link to the TV show that featured yours truly is up now, stay tuned for the streamed media. You have to watch for something like 15 minuttes to catch a glimpse of me, and later, me and my trusty companion, my beloved Apple PowerBook G4 12″ aka. K.Job.

Yes, KB-Hallen features a free and fast Wi-Fi connection 8-). “You are using a mobile phone to get a connection right?” “No, it’s Wi-Fi!” “It’s what?” “It’s wireless Internet! It’s build right in. And guess what it’s free”.

The future is now, Wi-Fi is becoming pervasive, much like running water. When I went to Vingsted Center in Vejle for the “Yearly Gathering” (årsmøde) of Dansk Flygtningehjælp (The Danish Refugee Council) last week, they had Wi-Fi as well, and once again I was the only user. But 3G is dead like ahem 3G, long live Wi-Fi.

You can also catch the re-runs of show 4.

Michelles mission
DR1, Thursday the 20-Apr-2006 @ 14:20
DR1, Monday the 24-Apr-2006 @ 09:05

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Mentally disturbed donated expensive computers to children

Translated from an article featured in Vejle Amts Folkeblad 23-Apr-2005

The police is pleading with children and adolescents, who have received expensive gifts, to return them to the Vejle police station.

By Mie Sparre,

The parents of a couple of children alerted the SSP department (co-operation between school, parents and the police that works to prevent youth crime) of Vejle police, because they had discovered that their sons suddenly had a laptop worth 12-13,000 kroner, and a brand new MP3 player, in their possession. The boys claimed that they had received the gifts from a strange man who had been standing at Nørretorv in Vejle, outside McDonald’s and that he gave computers, MP3-players and other expensive electronic gadgets away to the accidental passers by.

This sounded just a little far-fetched, but after some investigation the police has discovered that the boys were indeed right. It has also been established who the strange man was.

It has turned out, that the man is a formerly successful businessman who has been hit by mental illness, that for instance had manifested itself in the form of extreme generosity. It is believed that the man had purchased several computers of the Amitech brand, and that he had planned to donate them away.

Follow your conscience

The man has now been committed for treatment, and the expensive gifts has, through the intervention of the police, been returned to his family.

But should other parents experience that their son or daughter suddenly is listening to music from a brand new MP3 player or is surfing the net on a fancy laptop, the items could come from the same incidence. And detective Peter Krogh, Vejle Police, urges that you follow your conscience and deliver the goods back.

Gifts can be delivered to the guard at the Vejle Police Station, Skolegade.

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Mork er landet – jeg MÅTTE bare have en iPod nano

Steve: “You have an iPod?”
Madonna: “Of course Steve, which one don’t I have, you come out with a new one every week – you GOT to stop being so prolific…”
Steve: “Well we might have to “disappoint” you today.”

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Til Isis

“Når noget ikke virker, når EASY knirker, så sender man Emil en mail så får han den på geled”.

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Læserbrev sendt til Politiken – det blev ikke accepteret, så det bliver offentliggjort her:

Piratgruppen melder sig som banerførere for en alternativ kultur:fildelings kulturen.

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The love consultant

The SciFi cult classic “Invasion of the body snatchers” now has a new meaning to me.