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Min Kompetencemappe – Online database for real kompetencer

REALkompetencer Min Kompetencemappe Logo

En god veninde, gjorde mig opmærksom på at Undervisningsministeriet har opbygget en hjemmeside, Min Kompetencemappe, eller REALkompetencer.

Hun sendte mig faktisk bare et link i en mail med emnet “se her…” og uden nogen som helst forklaring på hvad det var for en størrelse. Det er sådan hun er, og det kan vi godt lide 😉

Her er et klip fra hjemmesidens forside, som forklarer hvad det er der er tale om.

Min Kompetencemappe er et personligt redskab til alle, som ønsker at få overblik over hvad de kan og har lært gennem tidligere uddannelse, på jobbet og på højskole, aftenskole og i andre aktiviteter i fritiden. Mappen er udviklet af Undervisningsministeriet som en hjælp til, at du kan dokumentere og få anerkendt din realkompetence.

Jeg må indrømme at var skeptisk, kan en statsinstitution virkelig udvikle noget sådan, og findes der ikke masser af privatudviklede profilsider på Internettet?

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IX-XI or XI-IX @ Kim Bach . Org: Go humanity! I’m your number one fan

Kim Bach . Org

Today marks the first aniversary of my final post on “this subject”. One month later I suddenly found my self “not being in Kansas anymore“. MOVING ON – or VIDERE (hat tip to my former boss)!!!

Here’s what I wrote on “the subject” (newest first!)

Moving on in a jiffy (RUF) – will we make it?

The human mind works in mysterious ways, and it’s what makes people build houses in the shadow of “Mount” Vesuvius which you just have to love.

Humanity will prevail, because we have such irrational minds and short memories/lifespans – but we’re also waking up – will we make it?

Right now I’m positive – the immense prosperity we’re experiencing – despite being at war – means that we have the time to think further than the next meal, and in places like Denmark – which is such a wealthy country – the environment is beginning to show signs that it’s recovering from the exploitation of the industrial revolution. A sign of the times is that the Danish Railroads (DSB) just announced, that they’ll get most of their electric from renewable sources (wind and hydro) – it’s quite amazing – now let’s get rid of the car, as we know it, in a jiffy (Danish RUF – pun intended). It’s so STUPID and DESTRUCTIVE to the environment to pack your own power-plant – and ALL talk about a car-bridge crossing the Kattegat Sea must cease, a high speed railroad OTOH – start building NOW!

Another sign of the times is that you can go for a swim in the inner Copenhagen harbour (“as long as”, in the eternal words of a harbour biologist, “you don’t take a bite from the bottom”), and that McDonalds now sells Fair Trade coffee!!!

Go humanity!
I’m your number one fan!

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Jens Martin Knudsens Rosenkjær-foredrag –ær/Jens Martin Knudsen

Jens Martin KnudsenJens Martin Knudsens Rosenkjær-foredrag –ær/Jens Martin Knudsen

Jens Martin Knudsen var Danmarks bedste formidler af videnskab. Her er et foredrag han gav i forbindelse med at han modtog Rosenkjær prisen

Han døde i Februar 2005, og kort før det meldte han sig frivilligt til at rejse til Mars, mon han er nået frem?

Æret være JMKs minde.

Rækken af Rosenkjær-foredrag findes som Podcasts, du kan finde dem her.

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Richard Dawkins:Wake up! You’re in the universe! Now: make the most of it!

This is part of a lecture by Richard Dawkins, all seven episodes are GREAT, but this segment really drives his points home.

Dawkins is a fantastic lecturer, and it’s tough to find Danish equivalents, the only one I can think of is Jens Martin Knudsen (R.I.P. I’m SO sorry he didn’t get to go to Mars, or see people walking there).

In the 80ies Jens Martin Knudsen did a series of lectures that were broadcast on Danish National Television (DR), I have to go find them.

HAVE FAITH (in scientific method)!

Are you evolved yet?

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» 8 Essential Strategies to Saying “No”

Say NOMy good friend Esben sent me this: » 8 Essential Strategies to Saying “No”

It’s an article from the site FREELANCESWITCH, and below is a quote that “hit home”.

By saying “no”, although you might feel that others will feel offended or hurt (and it’s possible), you are also sending a strong message that you value your time, that you have priorities, and that you also respect the person to whom you’re saying no, as you don’t want to commit to something and then do a lousy job or not do it at all.

I can relate to that, and so can some of my – former – customers :-(. So I need to meditate on the resolve of “saying no”.

This is important for me to do for at least three reasons:

  • I will most likely be venturing down the free-lance road again.
  • The new position I’m starting on September 1st., is a “regular” job, but it will, most likely, have qualities, that are very similar to free-lancing.
  • My resolve is to start working with project management

10 years ago I attended a course on how to control requirements in ICT projects, and the tutor started the course with a simple exercise: “And now you all rise, and say NO!”.

I guess I’m a lousy listener.

(The picture above is copied from the article from FREELANCESWITCH, and is considered fair use).

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iTunes U: “e-Learning” done right?

iTunes U: the campus that never sleeps

I just discovered that Apple has launched a new section of the iTunes Store, called iTunes U – the U must be short for University.

Promising and FREE

My first impression is that iTunes U looks very, very promising.

iTunes U features video and audio lectures, lecture notes etc. from major US universities, like MIT; for instance an entire course on “Electromagnetism” from MIT with titles like “What holds our world together?…”, all organised in the familiar iTunes Store.

And the best is that the content is FREE – yes FREE.

Where are the Danish Us?

So when will we get content from Danish Universities on iTunes U? I’m not optimistic!

The reason I’m pessimistic, is the ongoing debate over “e-Learning” in Denmark. As usually, when it comes to anything remotely related to ICT, the debate is mostly about technology and ICT-skills.

STOP TALKING! Get producing!

I say: STOP TALKING: Get the infrastructure in place, and you can immediately begin producing and distributing lecture notes, audio and video content. It requires almost no ICT-skills to use an application like iTunes – all students has the skills to do so today.

Later on, more advanced e-Learning applications could be made, even though I doubt that they’ll ever work – I’m a firm believer in the fact that you’ll never be able to replace the teacher, and with the infrastructure in place, we can all become teachers as well as students.

Benefits of partnering with a commercial infrastructure provider

A major benefit of partnering with a commercial infrastructure provider like iTunes Store, is that it removes the hassles of making the technology work from the institutions, leaving them to worry about what they do best, producing content.

I’m sure that the content offered on iTunes U is available elsewhere, and that there are downsides to trust Apple with distributing the content, most likely in their proprietary formats, but the convenience of having it all show up in iTunes, which makes it so easy to access the content, and have it synced to the iPod, means that I can live with it – for now.

Despite concerns iTunes U is a wake-up call

I realise that Apple also is doing this to draw traffic to the iTunes Store, and to sell more iPods, Macs and Apple TVs, iTunes U is actually one of the biggest selling points for Apple TV I’ve seen so far.

Despite my concerns over iTunes U, it remains a great initiative – they’re getting so many things right – and it’s my hope that it will serve as an inspiration to the Danish Educational System: WAKE UP!

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Reboot9: BBC “caught” using the “two-dot-O-M-G” word

BBC News Logoreboot 9 logoAs you might have noticed, I attended the reboot “(un)conference” in Copenhagen last week, and it was great.

I’d like to draw your attention to the feature “Rebooting the Web 2.0 age” on reboot 9 that BBC ran during the “(un)conference”.

Here’s a quote from the article:

The future of the web is being debated at Reboot 9.0, a leading European grassroots technology and design conference in Copenhagen.

But…”oh-my-two-dot-oh-NO” they’re using the “two-dot-O-M-G” dreaded “two-dot-oh-YEAH” word…

The big question here for the start-ups and opinion formers is how to use Web 2.0’s focus on community to build the next generation of web tools and become Europe’s Web 2.0 poster child.

I guess I can forgive the BBC, since the feature is “more than decent” ;-), and they capture some of the spirit of reboot in this quote:

This year’s conference theme is Human? with many speakers grappling with such deep philosophical queries as what it means to be human. One session was called Humanism 101.

Understanding human behaviour and how to adapt those behaviours to technology and the web rather than the reverse is rare for technology devotees. LogoAnd deserves all the love in the world, iTunes might never know what hit them.

However, it is no surprise as the big subject in the bars and on the grass outside was this week’s sale of London social software music service

Its creator Martin Stiskel, explaining why US broadcaster CBS would want to buy a music preference tool said: “They want to move from a content company to an audience company, giving the audiences control and learning from this and that’s why was their choice.”

I’m nominating for the price of being the “greatest service on the planet”, even though it makes it look like I have absolutely no taste in music – is it about time to get more discriminating, and start “acting my age, not my shoesize” – nah some people have actually expressed love for my personal radiostation ;-), and I get shouts like this:

Du er på alder med min far, men jeres musiksmag ligger usandsynligt langt fra hinanden. Det er meget godt klaret! Respekt herfra 🙂

(translation from Danish: You’re the age of my father, but your taste in music is unbelievably far from each others. That’s well done! Respect :)).

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Reboot9 (un)conference “spinoff”: the conversation continues @ the “rebooters” mailing list

The great reboot 9.0 Jaiku backchannel posterI just joined the new google groups (e.g. mailinglist), called rebooters.

The purpose of the group, is to have a “permanent backchannel” for the reboot (un)conference, since backchannels, like the Jaiku backchannel from reboot9, has a tendency to “die”.

The mailing list has the following description:

Missing the brainshift experienced from talking to all the brilliant rebooters? Keep the conversation going between reboots here…

It’s a good idea – that would have been even better, if it was set up, officially, through the reboot website, but because website technologies change all the time, the use of a relatively low-tech solution, like a mailing-list, is a not as bad an idea as it sounds – e-mail still is “the lowest common denominator”.

This might help to avoid the frustrations I experienced, when I learned that the “reboot 8” site had it’s URLs changed, making it appear that a lot of information from 2006, had either been lost, or, at best, made (too) difficult to locate.

“I want my Permalinks”, and I’m looking forward to the continued discussions and next year, where I suggest that the organisers make away with the “Wired style dot-oh-NO” numbering scheme, and just calls the event “reboot”!

Some background

“Reboot” is, according to the website:

[…]a community event for the practical visionaries who are at the intersection of digital technology and change all around us[…]

Reboot usually takes place end May/start June, in Copenhagen Denmark.

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Automonotoni – ‘Ungeren’ er en idé

Der er oprør i Danmark. Det skyldes at en række unge – og “lidt” ældre – mener at de fortsat skal have adgang til en bygning der blev stillet til rådighed af Købehavns Kommune i begyndelsen af 80erne. Takken til politikerne var dengang BUKSEVAND (seriøst Egon Weidekamp fik BUKSEVAND).

Nu står politikerne og velmenende aldrende sympatisører med dybe lommer i kø for at skaffe et alternativt sted, fordi de har solgt huset til nogle mennesker der HADER ideer.

Kære automonotome:
‘Ungeren’…Er en idé! IKKE et hus!
Deltag dog i det “mindst dårlige” demokrati i verden – HEY DET ER “VORES” – lav frivilligt arbejde, start foreninger, “indfiltrer” forvaltningnen der er ret vindunderlige mennesker (ja’ ve’ d’ ja’ har set d’).

I får faktisk lov til at passe jer selv, og jeg glæder mig til at se FLERE af jer f.eks. i min frivilliggruppe, Netværksgruppen i Mjølnerparken, nogle af jer har faktisk allerede fundet vej.

Huse er KONTROL mekanismer! Og det mest tåbelige ville da være hvis Ruth og hendes fundamentalistiske slæng fik deres kamp mod fritænkning og ideer finansieret af “Halal hippier”.

Og så må vi ikke glemme at Jagtvej 69 var et af de steder en af de vigtigeste projekter i menneskeheden var med til at blive startet, “Kvindebevægelsen”. Men huset der står der, er ikke et værdigt monument for kvindebevægelsen. Så riv huset ned, hey det er “os selv” det har misligeholdt det så det er ved at falde sammen, og byg et passende monument til kvinden og kvindesagen i stedet!

Huse kan dog være nødvendige: Det var altså pænt syret at se Björk til Oscar festen for et par år siden, specielt når jeg tænker på hvor jeg så hende første gang: I ‘Ungeren’, da hun var 16 og med i KUKL!

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Bilal Ameen . Info – Jeg vil have en Mac

Bilal Ameen . Info
Bilal fra Bilal Ameen . Info vil gerne have en Mac, jeg syntes faktisk han har fortjent en…