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Light a torch for Natasja: Honour the memory of Natasja – support the fight against AIDS in Africa

RAW 2004 - Missekat SceneJust listening to “Release”, the first album by Natasja (+ 24-June-2007 R.I.P) – it’s actually MUCH stonger and MUCH more experimental than I remembered – will go down as a classic! – especially the tracks “Bonfire” and “Restless” are OUTSTANDING.

The picture was taken at the R*A*W 2004 event at Islands Brygge – the last time I saw Natasja alive…

Lille T det er dit navn og himlen er din havn

Lille T: Thank you for the wonderful memories, especially when you were performing with “No Name Requested”, probably the best Danish Hip-Hop EVER, and at R*A*W in August of 2004, just before your big break – it was so so great, and really the day I discovered NEW dancehall, and the celebration of life that dancehall represents!

Honour the memory of “Little T” and donate to the Red Cross’ fight against AIDS. AIDS is destroying the hope of Africa. Below is a quote from Natasja’s MySpace page.

Friends and colleagues of Natasja have been wishing to start collections for Natasja’s mom and others already did collect on the day that Natasja died, like it happened at Rub’a’Dub club last Sunday. Anyone wishing to relief Natasja’s moms situation can do so by donating money on the bank account below which is set up as a trust fund with the sole purpose of paying for transportation of Natasja’s remains and to pay for her funeral. Any excess funds from the collection will be donated to The Red Cross effort to fight AIDS in Africa. The last cause has always been one of Natasja’s greatest wishes to support.

Bank info:
Account number (incl. reg. no.): 3121 3121656760
Swift code: dabadkkk
IBAN: dk4030003121656760

And my prayers go out to the women and children of Africa!

“The real party starts when Africa is liberated”.

“The Creator” must be “sleeping”: PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, I’m on my knees here: send more angels, like my friend Louise that is currently working at a hospital in Africa. Tasha can you “pull some strings”?


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John Perry Barlow: The Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace – Amen

John Perry Barlow - from the Wikipeida articleListening to an old issue of one of the best technology podcasts Go Digital from the BBC, I was reminded of John Perry Barlow ((born October 3, 1947) is an American poet, essayist, retired Wyoming cattle rancher, political activist and former lyricist for the Grateful Dead (source Wikipeida)).

In 1996 he formulated a Decaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, and after listening to the BBC, I’m focusing on this quote!

We are creating a world that all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race, economic power, military force, or station of birth.

We are creating a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity.

Your legal concepts of property, expression, identity, movement, and context do not apply to us. They are all based on matter, and there is no matter here.



Rebooter baby…

Det er en prod ting i Prima – Mega – Giga
Gutes musika
Masterkræs vi ka’ li at se dig ødelægge butik og faa kolik af
Og lytte til det her klasses prod
Sagt sødt
Er det godt sagt sandt er det super
Det kan du gennemskue uden at være agent Cooper
Du rebooter baby – husked’ du at gemme?
Du oppe mod matrixen nu for drengene er hjemme
Spids mund skatter og spids øre skatter
Det en Prod vibration noget de kiefe ikke fatter
Det har de aldrig gjort og det vil de aldrig gøre
Det har de aldrig turdet og det vil de aldrig tørre
Men det er deres dont og det rager mig en disse
At være deres pop idol er ikke min bizze
Jeg har mig ikk’ en flise min massage klinik
Den er inde i dit hoved pakket ind i musik

(Malk de Koijn 2002)

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Reboot9: BBC “caught” using the “two-dot-O-M-G” word

BBC News Logoreboot 9 logoAs you might have noticed, I attended the reboot “(un)conference” in Copenhagen last week, and it was great.

I’d like to draw your attention to the feature “Rebooting the Web 2.0 age” on reboot 9 that BBC ran during the “(un)conference”.

Here’s a quote from the article:

The future of the web is being debated at Reboot 9.0, a leading European grassroots technology and design conference in Copenhagen.

But…”oh-my-two-dot-oh-NO” they’re using the “two-dot-O-M-G” dreaded “two-dot-oh-YEAH” word…

The big question here for the start-ups and opinion formers is how to use Web 2.0’s focus on community to build the next generation of web tools and become Europe’s Web 2.0 poster child.

I guess I can forgive the BBC, since the feature is “more than decent” ;-), and they capture some of the spirit of reboot in this quote:

This year’s conference theme is Human? with many speakers grappling with such deep philosophical queries as what it means to be human. One session was called Humanism 101.

Understanding human behaviour and how to adapt those behaviours to technology and the web rather than the reverse is rare for technology devotees. LogoAnd deserves all the love in the world, iTunes might never know what hit them.

However, it is no surprise as the big subject in the bars and on the grass outside was this week’s sale of London social software music service

Its creator Martin Stiskel, explaining why US broadcaster CBS would want to buy a music preference tool said: “They want to move from a content company to an audience company, giving the audiences control and learning from this and that’s why was their choice.”

I’m nominating for the price of being the “greatest service on the planet”, even though it makes it look like I have absolutely no taste in music – is it about time to get more discriminating, and start “acting my age, not my shoesize” – nah some people have actually expressed love for my personal radiostation ;-), and I get shouts like this:

Du er på alder med min far, men jeres musiksmag ligger usandsynligt langt fra hinanden. Det er meget godt klaret! Respekt herfra 🙂

(translation from Danish: You’re the age of my father, but your taste in music is unbelievably far from each others. That’s well done! Respect :)).

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Review: The Sandmen in Tivoli Copenhagen

The SandmenFredagsrock – The Sandmen, København – on the 25th of May 2007, I attended the performance by The Sandmen in Tivoli, Copenhagen.

Tivoli has, for a number of years now, had gigs featuring local and international acts every Friday during the opening season, and it’s been quite a success, reviving the old gardens. But I hope that the tour guides advise their older tourists, not to choose a Friday, where a big international act visits Tivoli, for their only visit to the gardens, this Friday would have been OK though, since the crowd was modest.

Back to the gig…

Amazingly enough this was the first time I attended a “The Sandmen” gig, so I really didn’t have any expectations, it’s obvious that the band has suffered from the passing of guitarist Sam Mitchell, who took the band to a higher level musically.

At first the sound was quite bad, mostly the drums seemed to be produced down, but gradually it improved, and for Tivoli this was really rock’n’roll.

I find the guitarist to be the weakest link, but what he does, he does well. Allan Veggenfeldt is as great a singer as ever, and the rhythm section is very tight .

I think The Sandmen would benefit from the addition of a new lead guitarist, even though Sam Mitchell can’t be replaced, and the comparisons would be inevitable, I think it would be a good idea.

The highlights of the gig was the psychedelic set finisher, that sent me into a trancelike state, that I enjoyed very much.

But what I enjoyed the most, was that I had a great, quiet – without being low-key, night out with “the boys” – are we growing up? – and an audience of (other) 40-somethings, that seemed to know the lyrics, and had a wonderful time.

Thank you to “the boys”, it was great!

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Colleen – Beautiful acoustic music

Colleen - Les Ondes Silencieusescolleenplays official website

Friday I discovered the beautiful music of Cécile Schott, aka. Colleen, while visiting the wonderful Kaffe & Vinyl store in Skydebanegade.

Her new album is called “Les ondes sliencieuses”, and it’s all acoustic played on viola de gamba, spinet, guitar, clarinet and crystal glasses(!).

Browsing her website, I discovered that she played at Public Service 2006 in Copenhagen. Now I’m even more sad that I decided to skip Public Service last year :-(.

You can listen to the music on her myspace page.

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Review: Woman power – Beyoncé gave the “Green Light” and other “coincidences”

Commemoration plaque for one of the freedom fighters, decorated with the ribbon of the freedomfightersOn the day that Denmark commemorates the Liberation after WWII, a major international act gave an exclusive concert, outside Copenhagen, and, for once, in a place other than Horsens. And since it was Miss KittyKat, Giselle herself, that grazed the city of Aalborg, in the North of Jutland, with her presence, you might have guessed that I bought a ticket right after it went on sale – no surprise there.

Miss KittyKat - BeyoncéI consider Miss Giselle Knowles, better know as Beyoncé, to be a very talented woman, but my expectations, before the concert, were not that high. The reason being, that I saw her in New York in april of 2004 at the “Women First” tour, and her performance back then, was nowhere near the level of the performance by Alicia Keys, but one thing I knew for sure, was that we would be given a show of some proportions, and that I was looking forward to.

I’m of the opinion that Beyoncé owes a lot to Tina Turner, and she is, to great extend, inspired by Tina Turner in her show.

The first thing I noticed was, to my great surprise, that the band had an all-woman line up. And that was a pleasant, and welcome surprise, and my oh my what great musicians. The line-up was two drummers, a percussionist, a guitarist, a bass-player, I believe that I counted three keyboard-players and a horn section of three.

All the musicians were really accomplished, and the real highlights of the concert, were the solo performances, especially a tour-de-force by the bass-player, where the entire band joined in performing Michael Jacksons “Can’t stop till I get enough”.

Beyoncé also brought with her three great backing singers, and we’re talking certified quality here, I noticed that they occasionally, especially at the end of the show, took over from Beyoncé.

The dancers were great, and the only men on stage were dancers – way to go – another highlight of the show, was a ballet like sequence by two of the dancers. Beyoncé is herself, a great dancer, and it is in her dancing, which is very energetic, that I find some of the strongest parallels to Tina Turner.

Beyoncé CAN sing, and a few times she gave me the chills. If I have to pick highlights from the show, I’d pick the version of “Crazy In Love”, that got mixed with the great track “Crazy” by “Gnarls Barkley”, the surprise act of 2006. I especially enjoyed the occasions when the arrangements were altered the most, “Babyboy” that turned into a long belly-dancing act. Since Beyoncé has had such a short solo-career, the middle of the gig was filled with a medley of Destiny’s Child songs, the strongest being “Bug-a-boo”, “Survivor” and “Independent Women”.

Two of my favourite tracks from the new album “Suga Mama”, which seems to be the theme of the tour, and especially “Green Light” I think were highlights of the show. From the first album, I really liked the version of “Me Myself and I”, it’s great track, and I really enjoyed this altered, slow version, mostly performed a-cappella. The version of “Ring The Alarm” was great as well, I’d think twice even considering straying form the “thin and narrow” if I ever got involved with women like that – “I stamped his passport! With a KNIFE! To his CHEST! Destination – HELL” – ouch!

All in all we were treated to an almost 2 hour show, with encores, and I think most of us left the venue with a smile on our face, hey I even think I “believe” that I made her wave when she was thanking “our” section. She thanks the audience in a rather strong way, by trying to establish eye-contact with the audience, spending something like 15-30 seconds just looking at one section of the audience, before proceeding to the next section.

I love her for pushing the idea of the confident, strong and independent woman, and in that respect she’s actually a great role-model for women, and I consider Beyoncé to be some sort of goddess…She’s sexy, but she can carry it, it’s never vulgar. I have no idea what it is she does so differently than most of her colleges, but that alone is not a small feat.

But…And there is at least one but…Beyoncé, her undisputed talent aside, is mostly a “product”, and this is becoming clearer and clearer, and I’ve bought into it. Yes she’s gorgeous, but her music is so-so. I think that the new album is quite a lot better than the first, and it’s much better than most other RnB offerings, but I think she could do so much better. For now I think I’m done buying this product, even though I enjoyed the concert very much.

And I would have liked a performance of the track “Kitty Kat” :-(. I know it’s not that strong a track – but I like it – and it has some special meaning to me.

P5050020 - Detail from one of the fountains in AalborgSince Aalborg is at the opposite end of the country, I decided to make the most of the day, by combining the concert, with a mini-vacation. Aalborg is a city I know very little, and my trip was unexpectedly prolonged, when I missed the last train, so I also had a glimpse of the legendary Aalborg nightlife, and I must say that it lives up to it’s reputation, even though it wasn’t to my taste. Aalborg is a very “young” city, and Aalborg has a very international and trendy atmosphere – comparing the way the young people in Aalborg dresses, to Copenhagen, it looks like Copenhagen is behind in trendiness and fashion awareness.

The centre of the city has been restored with great respect to the old medieval town layout, it’s all very clean, and it looks like a major restoration of the harbour area is in it’s early stages – and that looks promising. One thing I really like is that all the street-signs in the centre of town, has an explanation of the history and etymology of the street names. The history of Aalborg is very interesting, for instance Aalborg was the centre of one of the only real rebellions by danes, when Skipper Clement lead a rising of the farmers in 1534, during the civil-war know as Grevens Fejde (The Count’s Feud).

Besides walking around the town, I also managed to cover two of the main tourist attractions: “The Art Museum – Nordjyllands Kunstmuseeum” and I got to enjoy the spectacular view from the “Aalborg Tower”, but mostly I just enjoyed spending such a wonderful spring-day in Aalborg, and I want to go back.

"Shrine" and bird in flight at Nordjyllands KuntsmuseeumFinally: If I didn’t know that things happen by chance, and that life is random, I would really ponder the fact that the Art Museum was selling jewellery made by Mikala Mortensen, and that the sales clerk told me that he owns some cuff-links from the “green” series – you know two years ago I asked her if she made jewellery for men? Obviously she does now! I know it’s just a coincidence. It’s also a coincidence that I found myself in front of a store called Isis, that the choreography at the Beyoncé show, at one point made it look like she had wings, making the scene, from my vantage point, look just like my favourite carving at Philae, and finally I once again captured a bird in flight, that I didn’t notice, this happens at the strangest places, like the Valley of the Kings, Amagertorv and something that looked like a shrine to Tibet and humanity at the Art Museum in Aalborg. I know that it’s also a coincidence that I stumbled upon a trekking offer in Nepal and Thailand at a travel-agency my good friend Jes has worked at, and that we discussed friday. I need to be careful not to over-interpret these “signs”.

Other links: To be or not to Beyoncé – 5/6 stared review (in Danish)

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Ånden fra 69: Hvad er den generelle taktiske plan? De går jo bare og rydder op!

Det er ikke let at være offentligt ansat eller automonoton, når man er kommanderet på overarbejde på Rådhuspladsen i Påsken, tilsyneladende uden en plan. Det var ornli sjovt at samle affald mellem militærstøvler fra begge “sider”, medens de overvejede om der var en generel taktisk plan.

Bortset fra det, fe’ aften…Troede at Magtens Korridorer ville være et højdepunkt, men politikædedans og Balkan Dancehall, man kan headbange til, som det leveres af Klezmofobia er altså det nye hit – hold da helt op hvor vi boppede, hoppede og droppede – SÅDAN…DÉR! ORNLI SYGT!

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Ånden fra 69 – Fest på Rådhuspladsen –

Ånden fra 69 - Fest på RådhuspladsenFest på Rådhuspladsen –

I morgen tirsdag den 3-april-2007 samles nogle “unge”, uvorne, lømler og lømlinder der skulle have smæk med køller, på Rådhuspladsen.

Der kommer også “nogle” musikere:


  • Musik og gøgl fra 15 – 18
  • Folkekøkken ved Nikolaj Kirk 17 – 19
  • Musik 19 – 22

15:00 Carlas
15:15 Patchanka
15:30 Folkemusikkens Nødhjælp
15:45 Yo’Akim & Miss Lucy Love
16:05 Teppop
16:20 Karl Bille
16:35 Nana Jacobi
16:55 Dansk Fløde
17:10 Ali Kazim
17:25 Jesper Lohman
17:35 Peter Ingeman, Stig Møller og Grev Lyhne
17:45 Tao Højgård
18:00 Pause
Under pause: A key is a key
19:00 69’er feat. Peter Peter og 3/5 Baal
19:15 Ivan Horn og Tore Eg
19:25 President Fetch
19:50 Nanna Lüders
20:00 Pato
20:25 Guddommelig Galskab
20:40 Gorilla Angreb
21:05 Ukrudt
21:20 Magtens Korridorer
21:45 Klezmofobia
22:00 Farvel og tak!

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Det er sådan det flyder

Spring, gør sjove ting med min krop
Kan ikke få nok, er en prop