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October 30th

Not enough houses on your block?  Just hit them at 30-year intervals from here to 2300 and get 10x the candy.

WOW! I’m honored! October 30th is my Birthday, and now it’s also the title of an XKCD Comic! AND Back to the Future is on my shortlist of favourite flicks!

ps. A Doc Brown costume? Nice idea!

pps. Thank you to #mixpack and the #lastfriday possé for making my 47th Birthday one of the best Birthdays EVAH. Special mention to @HelloCopenhagen for the inspiration in selecting the venue!


From #twehab: I really, really want to become more than an amateur!

I promissed you a 24 hours of radio-silence, well that didn’t quite happen, but the level of tweeting was at a sustainable level.

So what exactly is the sweet spot, where tweeting isn’t an addiction, it turns out that Jyri Engeström of Jaiku-fame gave the answer during his Keynote Speech at Reboot 9 in 2007.

Jyri said that Microblogging (eg. tweeting) is a tool that you can use to discipline your writing/creativity, here’s Jyri’s three steps to how to become a more productive blogger:

1 microblogpost (Jaiku/Tweet/Whatever) an hour
1 photo a day (Flickr/23/Picassa/Whatever)
1 blogpost a week (Preferably from your own domain)

I’ve decided to try to follow Jyri’s “method” – again – I really, really want to become more than an amateur!

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ps. Since I received my Kindle I’ve begun reading again, this, too, is an old resolve of mine. Now where do I get hold of some of Kierkegaard’s writings in a format that my Kindle will serve me ;-)?

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From #twehab: Day Three: Hvordan synes du selv det går? Time To Go Cold Twurkey!

Still happy about my twitter selfhelp tool that Rasmus wrote, but hvordan synes jeg så selv det går? If the aim was to cut down on my tweeting, it’s not going well, the habit is under control, and I’m not just, mindlessly sharing, RTing etc. like I did on Saturday.

I’ve been focusing my tweeting, today the topics were #spc09 the SharePoint Conference 09 in Las Vegas, and it was wonderful to latch on the energy of that hastag, and #Kindle since I have one sitting right next to me right now.

Today will be different, there WILL be a 24 hour radiosilence starting no…ahem soon ;-), see you on the other side.

Kim “Cold Twurkey” Bach

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From #twehab: Hi! My name Is Kim “Twinehouse” Bach and I’m out of #twehab

There’s too much going on on twitter for me stop engaging in the conversation, I recommend that you unfollow me if you’re on a low bandwidth device, you can befriend me on Facebook instead.

Yeah I grabbed the cool URL!

Kind regards

Kim “Twinehouse” Bach

ps. My Amazon Kindle is waiting for me at the DHL Warehouse, it arrived yesterday, but it’s one expensive little number, an extra $150 in customs. OUCH!

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Stay while I recount the crazy TF2 kill I managed yesterday, my friends.
I’ll spare you my dream then…Nah…Thugs were trying to kill me because they didn’t like that I tried to stop them from killing dogs, for fun, by wailing like a ghost. A kid in the supermarket wouldn’t stop his lift, just kept on going, sliding me through the aisle, eventually dropping the load. The he gave me two bananas that began morphing into a potted plastic flower that spewed some nasty stuff, I told him that I hoped he had to cover the damages from his allowance! BAD! BAD! Kid – ugly too, a nasty redheaded geek with glasses and pimples. That’s when I woke up – thank God!

The comic-stip is from the wonderful xkdc, this one really hit home, and I’ve been waiting for the chance to use it a blog post.

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The Perfect Gentleman


OK, I need your advise.

An attractive, rather thrashed, woman walks up to me asking for directions to a bar, I find it using my tech-wizardry, she MUST have known where it was, she claimed that she had lived in that street, I wished her a pleasant night, and we went our seperate ways.

I now see that there were several other doors I could have choosen:

1. Showed her the way
2. Asked if I could join her
3. Suggested that we went somewhere else

Did I choose the right door, in post-cog I think that I should have tried door number 3, I was high on culture from last nights Kulturnat event, and there are several places that are better suited for spirtual encounters than Wessels Kro.

ps. I think that I should have, at least, tried door number 1, it would have let to the possibility of choosing the other two. Hey I might finally be getting the rules if this game, it is a very strange game, and I thought the only way to win is by not playing

pps. Suggesting that you go “somewhere else”, is much like saying you want to “park the car” – I should have picked door #1.

Cross posted to facebook:

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Eftertanke 2.0

Du havde ret far – basen er det vigtigste, jeg er sådan en klaphat at jeg skulle gå sådan en omvej for at forstå det.

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Happy Fifth Blogaversary – I brought the noise!

Joy Of Tech - Stop Googling YourselfYesterday the 15th of February 2009, marked the fifth year of me being a blogger. Technically I’ve had an Internet presence since 1999, but it’s the moment when I started using the service “blogger”, I count as the beginning of my “career” as a blogger.

My first real blogpost was a short “review” of the KRAFTWERK! concert in K.B. Hallen in 2004, which was fantastic:

Mass for the deities of techno

KRAFTWERK! – much better than expected – revelation that they’re such a live act – the bass made the doors flap. Bow to the funky devils aus Deutschland. Seems that I miss my techno

I think I was quite uncertain as to what to write in that entry, I knew I had no readers, and it is documented in the later entries that I had some doubts as to how wise it was to engage in publishing to the Internet.

Even though I started blogging in 2004, it wasn’t until autumn 2005 I really started blogging under the handle. With real blogging, I’m referring to fact that I transcended the diary format.

Looking back I’m pretty satisfied with my blog, and it’s great to have this assisted memory, it’s like a locker of fragments.

One sobering fact is that the biggest drivers of traffic to my blog remains the article about the 5002 error in iTunes and the article that contains a photo of chalk art by Julian Beever, which is heavily copied and hotlinked.

I’m most proud of some of my articles about technology where I’m blasting the monopolies, especially this one:

Net Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

I’m also very satisfied with the concert reviews I’ve published, especially these:

Review: Woman power – Beyoncé gave the “Green Light” and other “coincidences”
Review: Natacha Atlas Acoustic Ensemle – The “real” Madonna was in Copenhagen

My blogpost about the Ungdomshus summed up my feelings about it:

Automonotoni – ‘Ungeren’ er en idé

911 is another important topic, and I feel like that event really has been the inspiration behind much of the activities I’m engaged in today. My favourite article concerning 911 is this one:

The Church doesn’t have Wi-Fi

Originally the topic of my blog was technology, but I can see from the tag-cloud, that the technology tag is shrinking, and the “kim bach” tag is growing, is increasingly about me, which is the way I want it to be.

In the colophon I’ve also summarised my personal goals:


Better at writing – so I can write a novel or maybe become a journalist

Better at reading – so I can have the patience to read Kierkegaard

Better at photography – so I dare to publish a photography book

Better at teaching – so I can help the kids in Mjølnerparken and elsewhere even more

To sum up: I work towards being able to make a living doing some, or all, of these things.

Since 2004 I’ve actually worked professionally as a teacher, and the only field I haven’t made progress in, is reading, so that will be a focus point in the future. I think some of my articles shows some journalistic merit, but I doubt that I’ll ever be able to make a living from it. I think I’ve become a better photographer, again I’m probably not going to be able to make a living from photography.

Stop googling yourself…

If you googled “kim bach” in june 2005, you had to browse to page 25, now I’m a bit easier to locate due to all the noise I’ve been making over the past five years. The result is that I’ve made lots of new friends in real life, had tremendous fun, organised events, been an activist. All in all: being active in the blog-community has changed my life, and helped me reach my personal goals so:

Thank you all, and sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not done making noise!

The image that accompanies this article is from the wonderful comic Joy of Tech, it’s copyright Nitrozac & Snaggy, I’m hoping that the use here falls under “fair use”. Please support Joy of Tech by buying merchandise from their website.

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Kim Bach
07/02/09 09.46
(måske ikke i dette tilfælde)
09/02/09 21.27

09/02/09 21.27

(hung-over? var du på Rubadub Søndag Nat?)
Eternal Adventuress
09/02/09 22.23
Kim Bach
09/02/09 22.23
09/02/09 22.24

dancehall på en søndag er vist over mine evner
Eternal Adventuress
09/02/09 22.24
jeg fik at vide at jeg dansede som en 25-årig
09/02/09 22.24

ham jeg dansede med troede først at jeg var 32 da han så mig ude i lyset
Kim Bach
09/02/09 22.25
hæ fedt nok. det er gået ned ad bakke for mig, det er 5 år siden jeg dansede som en 25 årig, nu er det vist en 55 årig
09/02/09 22.28

(hmm…journalisten siger nu at der BLEV sagt “Perle”…)